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Picture of Marcy White using a low level laser on the abdomen of a patient


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The Laser Fertility Center is one of the first clinics in the United States to offer patients this clinically-tested system that uses low level laser and photobiomodulation to stimulate blood flow to the reproductive organs and enhance cellular energy production. It is particularly promising for couples struggling with age-related reproductive problems.  


Traditionally, conventional medicine has maintained that aging and declining egg quality is irreversible. Ground-breaking research with low level laser therapy from Denmark and Japan is showing that it may be possible to improve egg quality and improve fertility in women. The studies show that low level laser therapy used on acupuncture points on the neck and over the abdomen may enhance mitochondrial activity and ATP production, increase blood flow and helps to reduce oxidative damage. These studies are showing that low level laser may significantly boost the pregnancy rates of women who have been unsuccessful with other assisted reproductive treatments like vitro fertilization (IVF).


​By using low level laser to increase energy level (ATP) in the cells, improve blood circulation to the follicles and uterus, and reduce inflammation, it is possible to have greater success in producing viable eggs and a receptive uterine lining in the hopes of having a successful pregnancy. 

Low Level Laser for fertility is ideal if you have any of the following:

  • High FSH

  • Low AMH

  • Women over 35

  • Diagnosed as poor responder with IVF cycles

  • ​Endometriosis

  • Thin uterine lining

  • Scars and adhesions from abdominal surgery or STD

  • PCOS

Please contact the office if you are interested in the Laser Fertility Program.

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Founder Marcy White Discusses Laser For Fertility

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